Hours of Operation: Monday — Friday, 8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

Accounts Receivable Consulting Services

Being a healthcare provider is a balancing act of many different responsibilities. Let us reduce your workload by assisting your AR department. Our Services are designed to help your organization to advance and grow in this ever-changing segment of healthcare.


As the saying goes, time is money. We can help your Accounts Receivables department simplify their processes, thereby saving you time and money. Our A/R consultations analyze any potential areas of difficulty and design customized reports that would be necessary to enhance your billing operation. Additionally, we explain best practices (MGMA) that should be put in place to maximize efficiency.

Doctor and Patient


After many months of consideration, you have now chosen to move forward with a new EHR Platform, now the real work is about to begin! Implementing a new EHR system requires a mountain of strategic planning to have a successful outcome.

Part of the planning process that organizations sometimes fail to consider is the added stress that is brought to bear on staff resulting from the transition from the Legacy system to the new EHR Platform.

Employees will be required to learn, understand and successfully operate the new EHR Platform as of the go-live date while also being required to maintain and continue operations as usually while sunsetting the legacy system. “Be Kind to your Staff in these difficult times.”

ARC has options such as our “System Conversion Work Down Program” SCWDP for short. SCWDP can be tailored to fit most situations with little or no interruption to the existing workflow. This process allows for two things, first uninterrupted cash flow which is most important during this transition period and it allows your staff to be fully dedicated to mastering the new platform.